Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sick Hamster.

Good Day Stampers,
Brayden is just taking up all my time. Today I cried for 45 minutes straight. I had to tell him that his pet hamster at home was very sick and was going to die and go to heaven. And that he will not be seeing Lenni again. Well he cried and so hard broke my heart. Then his Mommy called to talk to him and she was crying because he was hurting. Brayden just kept saying I want him to stay at my house over and over.  They have had the hamster for 2 years.
After that I took him down stairs and we made some Easter crafts. And he cheered up. Grandpa will be home soon and that will make him happy too..
I'm hoping that tonight he will go to bed early and that I won't be too tired out to get some crafting of my own done.

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  1. It's always heartbreaking for kids when their pets die but a loving kiss will make them forget that in time.