Sunday, May 31, 2009

Back Home...

Good Morning ,

I made it home safe and sound.And no rain had to put the wipers on a bit but that was all. It was nice to sleep in my own bed last night!

This is just a quick post today.

Our card for today is a beautiful dress card. You will see these all over the net not sure who came up with the first one. And the matching purse ohh so CUTE...

Hmm wonder if I should set my alarm tonight to get up and see the preview of the new incolors and a few stamp sets that Demo's get to see on the 1st.. Along with the last chance list and specials...

Have a great day...


Saturday, May 30, 2009

Good Saturday Morning.

Good Morning Stamping Friends,
Today's card is using True Friends, and Three Little Words. With Walk in the Park DSP. I'm going to be really sad when Baja Breeze is gone in another month! I think I should stock up now. I used the eyelet border punch again also. Keep telling myself that its so pretty I need to use it more.
Yesterday, Tiffany went to work and Brayden and I were home for the afternoon together. What a silly boy, he loves to climb on Gramma then dance. But today he thought he should climb up on Gramma's head and try to flip off , I was sitting on the floor and he would climb on the couch to get to my head better! And I think he is trying to say my name :) Well that's my story anyways.
June 1st is coming up fast. Make sure you check on Monday for all the specials that will be going on. You are sure going to be happy with them. The count down is on........
I will be driving home later this morning. I hate driving in the rain, though so maybe if I'm lucky it will all be behind me..
See ya later

Friday, May 29, 2009

Crazy Cupcake...

Good Friday morning,
Yesterday was a little cool out. Not sure what the forecast for today is.
Yesterday we did a little window shopping and then went for a drive in the evening. Brayden just would not settle down last night its was close to 11 before he finally fell asleep, then we all crashed. He sure knows how to tire us all out!
Today's card, was a challenge for me to use colors that I don't normally use. Well I do use chocolate chip alot but at least its not my focal point. Stamp sets used: Crazy for Cupcakes, Family Phrases. Crystal Effects was used on the cupcake, makes it so pretty.
Today is my last full day here with Brayden and his Mommy and Daddy. I do have a little more shopping that I want to do. Like back to Michaels since I have a few coupons left lol.
Thanks for stopping by

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Birthday Wishes

Good Day Everyone,
I'm enjoying my time with Brayden. He is just too cute.
The card today is with the all in the family set and accessories.
4 more days until the Last Chance List comes out. I can't wait and demos will be getting a sneak peak from the upcoming, catalogue.
This is just a short post. Not sure what is on the agenda today. We will be going over to Michaels though.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Another Flower

Good Morning.....
I didn't realize that I had picked this card to be next in line. I have the cards all scheduled while I'm away and I just need to add my text! As you can see here is another color combo. This is on Vellum layered on Taste of Textiles paper. I really need to use the eyelet punch more often its SOOO Pretty....
I made it to Dartmouth no problems other than I got behind a truck hauling fish. And the fish water was spilling out of the truck and the smell was TERRIBLE. It was about 20 minutes before I was able to pass . Lots of traffic on the road everything there was a passing lane. The car is loaded with dried fish water YUCK,
Brayden has grown a little and seems to have changed his looks a little bit.
Went to Costco and realized that I do not have my bank card with me. Well I was sick with worry as I could not think of where it would be. I took everything out of my purse. Tried to call home but Skip was not there. We left Costco and went to WalMart. And Skip calls and says guess what I have! The bank card was in his wallet . What a relief, my stomach was in knots. It settled back to normal after that.
Thanks for stopping by,

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Lovin' It!

Good Morning,
I'm really loving this flower! Today's card I used the embossing folder and then with my sponge daubers filled in the color. There are just so so many color combos you can use with this flower.
This morning I'm leaving to go to Dartmouth. I will be gone until Saturday. But I will still be posting everyday and will have a new card each day also. I'm excited to see Brayden :)
I'm hoping the weather is nice so I this week and warm so I can take him to a park to play. Maybe to the public gardens I know we can't feed the ducks but he could see them.
Before I leave I have a few errands to run for Skip. So I should go and get them done. The faster I will get to see Brayden. He is home from daycare today, he is spending time with his aunt from Iqaluit who is only there for a few more days.
Thanks for stopping by.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Good Monday Morning!

Hi All,
Hope that you all had a nice weekend, even though we had rain yesterday. I had a good weekend. The roofers are suppose to start on the roof this morning.. 1 good thing is I will only have to put up with the pounding for today as I will be gone the rest of the week.
Today I will be straighten the house, laundry and packing. I'm bringing some stamping stuff with me just need to figure out what. You know that is always the hardest part, isn't it? And printing my Michael's coupons, just incase I need them.

Today's card is a image I recieved awhile ago, just got around to coloring and mounting it. Thinking of you is from the bird on a branch set.
I started working on 2 cards yesterday. They are not complete so cant' show them.
Oh yeah and I made an orgami mans shirt and tie yesterday. My first one the tie is WAY too large, the 2nd not too bad. I need a little more practice first before I post them.

Stop by anytime.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Trendy Trees

Happy Sunday Morning ,

I was a little creative yesterday. Mainly looked at my stuff lol.. I did manage to get a couple of cards made. I will have some for the days I'm away.

Oh my goodness I started typing this up and got lost in another world of blogs.. Now back to busniess.

Today's card is using the trendy trees stamp set so tiny and cute...
The card is creamy carmel, and walk in the park dsp., chocolate chip and chocolate chip ribbon also... This is Tiffany's new stamp set. I will be bringing it to her when I go on Tuesday. I need to make a few more cards today with this set.
My display board will have lots of new cards and scrapbooking pages on it for the month of June.
If anyone is intersted in a Flip Album Scrapbooking class send me an email. I'm thinking of doing the class but want to see how many are intersted in it now. Or would it be better to do in the Fall. Class fee would be $25.00 includes your Flip Album.
So if you think its something you would like to to do send me a quick email and let me know if you would like to see it done in June or September.
Have a great day..

Saturday, May 23, 2009


Bird on Branch

Good Saturday Morning,

Did you know that if you look on your Classic ink pads they have dots on them? Wanna know what these mean? The in colors and the Neutrals do not have a dot. As you can see in the picture there are 1, 2, 3, 4 dots on the inks pads. Lets say you take the pink ink which is Pixie Pink. Pixie Pink belongs in the Bold Brights family. So all inks with 1 dot belong in that family.
This is the break down
1dot = Bold Brights.
2dots = Earth Elements
3 dots = Rich Regals
4 dots = Soft subtles.
If you do not have all the families of ink but want to keep them together Now you have a quick and easy way to sort them out.
I cannot tell you about the craft ink as I only own the white and there is no dot on that one. But I would assume it would follow the same suit.
Today's card is using Bird on and Branch with the Flock Together Designer Paper.
Designer Paper is still on special for 1 more week. Buy 3 and get one FREE . You can mix and match with the 12x12 textured colors. Taste of Textiles not included in this special.
Cody arrived home last night. Very happy he was offered a job where he did his 3 weeks on the job training. He still has not heard from the Dept. of National Defence about the job he applied for there. He still has a few more days in the class then he is done. I read the report that was filled out about his work while there. He recieved an excellent review. Proud Momma moment:)
Take care and enjoy the sunshine...

Friday, May 22, 2009


Good Morning,

Do you ever have those moments when you just do not know what to say? This is my moment I have been trying to come up with something creative and funny to say. Hmmm, as you can see no such luck....

We are getting new windows, doors and roof. :) Now the fun will begin. They are starting on the roof next week. Hey I won't be here. So the pounding won't affect me. Now it may the dog.

Yesterday I was making a card using the crazy for a cupcake stamp set. Stamped out the large cupcake, colored it and cut it out. It's now missing I had to make another one, I looked all over the desk it just disappeared. I cannot figure out where it went.

On today's card I used A Fower for All Seasons.
The eyelet border punch. Happy Birthday is from the Family Phrases. 5/8" Old Olive Grosgrain Ribbon. Designer paper from Candy Lane and Bella Rose. The frog is just too cute!


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Brayer Time...

Good Morning.
I finally used my brayer! I've had it for awhile now but have never used it. I can see I need to practise with it. I also can see my self using it alot more. The card came out beautiful. I brayered on the de-embossed side of the Manhattan Flower embossing folder. The colors I used were Pixie Pink and Tangerine Tango. Then I added glitter. I cut around the flower and from the pieces I had left I stamped I love you. I love it... What do you think?
I have been adding to my collection of cards. I'm going away next week again to Tiffany's so this time I will be ready to post daily with new creations YAY!!
Ohhhh isn't it so nice to finally see the sun! Hopefully you have seen the sun where you are too.
I was so excited yesterday, I pre-ordered the new catalogues. Can't wait to see all what is new , its such an exciting time! I just hope they arrive by July 1st. I only ordered then they do not ship out yet though.
Thanks for stopping by,

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Good Morning Stampers

Hey, Hows it going so far today?

It was sure nice to see the sun yesterday. And from what I hear we are suppose to have sun the rest of the week. Lets hope its true!

For those of you who weren't aware, Stampin' Up will be releasing its "Last Chance" list on June 1st. This list contains any stamp sets from the current catty that will be retiring, and by retiring I mean GONE! The accessory list will also be released at this time. Once items are released on the list... they are no longer being made... so when they sell out they are gone for good. If there is something you want grab it fast, as things tend to sell out very quickly.

Today's card is with Garden Whimsy. This is a fun stamp set. I like how the opposite sides are have the corners rounded.


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Good Morning...

Hi Stamping Friends,

Kind of getting tired of all this rain. Looking forward to having some sunny days soon. I hope.

Yesterday I mounted some new stamps , they still haven't seen any ink yet though. That should be my plan for today.

Cody has gone back to his sisters and to his job placement for school. This is his final week. Seems like he was just getting ready to go the first day.

This is the birthday card I made for Junior the other night.See I told you I was getting hooked on these folders. This is the birthday one. And I used the Big Birthday Candle set. Simple yet nice.

I also made a card with the Tart and Tangy set last night. You're so Sweet if from A Perfect Day, rub ons. The rub ons give you a large variety of words you may not have in your stamps. I like adding rub ons to cards, scrapbooking pages, photo frames, candle holders. There are many possibilites for them.
Thanks stopping in, come again soon...

Monday, May 18, 2009

Doodle This

Another Monday morning. If your one of the lucky ones to have the day off enjoy it! For those at work it will go by fast.(I hope)

My crafting area is staying neat YAY! Tiffany bought me a organizing unit and yesterday Tasha and I put my brads into it and made labels for each drawer. There are 35 drawers the same size and 3 larger ones. They are not all full but I'm sure if I dug around they could be.

I made a birthday card for Junior yesterday. Sorry ,I had the date of your birthday mixed up. The card will be arriving with Cody later today. Since I can't show you that card, I will show you another one that I whipped up last night.

Speaking of last night did you watch Survivor!!! I really liked JT , throught the season and I'm very happy he won.

Now back to the card...
Here I used "Doodle This" is on page 88 of the Spring and Summer Idea book 2009. Lately I have been in a grey mood and putting lots of grey unto my cards. Seems like for awhile there every card had chocolate chip. I'm trying to branch out, but when you like certain colors you tend to draw to them first.
Thanks for taking the time to look around.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Good Morning,

Yes it was very nice to see the sunshine yesterday. Even though we were inside working on scrapbooking pages we could still feel the warmth of the sun!

Oh my, last night I watched a scary movie, By myself! It made me a little jumpy, but I made it to the end. The movie was "Strangers". Not recommended for children, and maybe some adults!

Today's card is with God's Beauty hostess set. The greeting is from Crazy for a Cupcake. And the paper is from the Walk in the Park in the mini ocassions. I cut the walk in the park paper with the top note. This butterfly is just so pretty. He is embossed in black then colored with markers.

After everyone was gone and I cleaned up I then layed down and napped for about an hour. I was tuckered out. Then later was grocery shopping. I'm all for going green and am sort of getting used to bring my reusable bags to the store. What I don't like is when the cashier or cashiers helpers, try to pile everything into 1 bag. Last night I said that is way too much in that bag we still have to carry it! Yes I was a little cranky. This is what she had packed into 1 of the superstore bags. 3-2l pop bottles,2 l box of juice, bottle of olive oil, salad dressing, and I forget now there was something on top of these. Way too much. Thanks for letting me vent!!

After the grocery shopping I then sat down to work on a swap I joined it is 3x3 cards. So that didn't take too long. I won't post them just yet as I'm not sure if some of the gals check my blog or not.



Saturday, May 16, 2009

Good Saturday Morning!

Last night Cody arrived home safe and sound. Always makes a mother happy!

Did you watch Prision Break? I found it very sad at the end. and that music didnt' help the sadness. NOT the ending I was expecting that is for sure.

Here is one of the pages we will be making in class today. We are making a total of 4, 12x12 pages.

Metal Star class is coming up next weekend. May 22 at 6:30 or May 23rd at 1:30. Please make sure you register for thes classes on or before MAY 18th. If you have a cutting mat, utility knife, and a ruler please bring them along. Also you need to mention if you want White or Brown Stars.. I'm really excited about this class. The Big Shot is amazing in what it can cut.
I do not understand why this is not leaving space between my paragraphs. I'm typing it that way but it is not showing up Sorry, if it makes for a hard read!
Enjoy your weekend.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Big Brother

Good Morning...
Yesterday I got to go over and see my neice. This is the card I made for Giovanni, it is cute I think. Inside the card I wrote "We know you will do a great job!"

And here we have big brother with baby Jake. Can't you just see in his eyes how proud he is... I had to hurry and take the picture as Jake was starting to cry and Gio didn't want to hold him anymore lol...

Cody comes home tonight. He has a long weekend so that will be nice. Seems like this week has flown by. He only has 1 more week, then a week of school and he is done! Woo Hoo for him.

I got my desk cleared off YEAH. Now to get the rest of the room straighten. That is my project today. And once its clean I will sit down to scrapbook. Do you see a pattern here?

My Manhattan Flower die arrived yesterday afternoon. I must confess I opened it right up and ran it through the Big Shot to see what it looked like. I can see lots in the near future!

Thanks for stopping by today..


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Good Morning Stampers

I bought this embossing folder the other day on our shopping adventure. Cute... Now I'm hooked and want more!
Do you shop online? What types of things do you shop for. I'm thinking that maybe I should try some online shopping. Can't always keep running to Halifax to do my craft shopping. And as much as I love Stampin' Up! somethings there are other things I would like to have.
Today my plan is to look at 1 of the scrapbooking pages I had to put it aside last night as it just wasn't what I wanted for today I will look at it with fresh eyes.
My craft room is a disaster so it really needs a pick up. And if my neice is home I will go and visit with her and the new baby...
Ohh, today my Manhattan Flower die is suppose to arrive.. Yeah!!!!!!!
Have a great day..

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

True Friend

Good Morning,

Hope you are all in a creative mood today. I am, but I have a few errands that have to be taken care of first. Then I will have time to play in my special place.

Today I will be working on 2 scrapbook pages. And I hope to get a card in there also. I find it takes me awhile to come up with a layout that I like.
It seem like I always want to stamp or create just before its time to cook dinner for Skip, or late at night. Night time is my favorite time to create. When is yours?

Yesterday we did our shopping. You know how sometimes you go shopping and find just WAY too much stuff to buy? Well this trip was not one of them :( I did buy an embossing folder.Which I'm very excited about. Now I want more ........
This is a card I made last night I love it..
I have liked this stamp set from day 1.
Finally own it now.
Hopefully the stores are not too busy , and I don't do too much window shopping. So I can get back home and let my creative juices flow..
Have a great day and thanks again for taking a peak !

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A New Fold...

Good Morning Stampers...

Hostess Club was last night , and it went really great. The girls all tried a new fold. The Triangle Trifold. It's not a hard card you just need to pay attention to your scoring lines!

This is how the card looks when it is opened.

Then once its closed up you get this cute little card. I'm hoping to see some of these at the next club meeting as your show and tell cards girls!!!
If you are really liking the in colors now is the time to get them before they are gone. June 30th is the last day to order anything with the in colors. July 1st wil bring a new set of colors for us to fall in love with all over again.
There are still a few spots available for the Scrapbooking class on Saturday. If your interested give me a call today! 742-7725
This class is 4 pages for $15.00 , time 1:30 on Saturday May 16th.
This afternoon I'm going with Mom and Dad on a little shopping adventure. We will be looking for some special things to make more scissor charms. I will post them on here once there are more made...
Thanks for stopping by...

Monday, May 11, 2009

Good Monday Morning!

Hope all you Mom's out there had a terrific Mother's Day. We gave Mom a backyard bird book. And what's so great about this book, is that you look at the picture of a bird, then you can also press to hear what each bird sounds like.
Cody left yesterday to go back to Halifax for the week. He got around Shelburne (about an hour's drive) and his car wasn't working properly so he called home. He ended up turning around and driving back to Yarmouth. When he arrived back home Skip and Cody figured out the problem. 4 out of 5 nuts (or whatever they are called) on the drivers front tire was loose. He is a very lucky young man that the tire didn't fall off on the highway. For awhile there it looked like he was going to be taking my car with him. Yay!!! I still have my car for the week now..
Today's card is is for all the baskeball lovers out there. It's made using the JUST BASKETBALL STAMP SET. If you have boys or girls into basketball this would look great on a scrapbooking page of them playing a game.
Tonight is hostess club night, and don't forget ladies we are now starting at 6:30.
Thanks for visiting.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day...

Just want to wish all you Mom's out there a Happy Mothers Day.

The Spring Fling went great, I think that everyone had a good time.
This is another one of my make n takes. Sorry to those that missed out. I just love the Baja Breeze and Chocolate Chip together. And of course the Fifth Avenue stamp is terrific also...
Can't wait to play with it more.
See ya later

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Good Morning Stampers

Sorry that I didn't get back on here to post yesterday, I just ended up feeling misserable.
Remember a few days ago when I said I ended up with loads of glitter on me... Well this was the card I was making. It's kind of hard to see but it is all glitter! Very pretty in real life!!
Today is the Spring Fling at Maple Grove if your in the neighbourhood, stop on over . Runs from 9:30 am -1:30pm, admission $2.00. Lots of make 'n' takes for you to enjoy.
This is just a quick post catch you later

Friday, May 8, 2009

Not Happy...

While I was gone last week Cody notice one night, about midnight that one of the power poles across the road was on fire but then it went out. Last night Skip noticed it sparking, then about an hour later the power company shows up. I wouldn't want to be that guy who climbed the post. It was wet and windy. He took a powersaw and cut the top off. Our power had been shut off by now. So when all was done and time for the power to go back on they had troubles... The power tried to come on and I could hear click, click, click . I thought oh no its the TV. Well that is working fine. From what I can see it did something to the printer... just when I need it to print things this weekend. GRRRRRR......
Seems like its always something going wrong.
I was making a card got it all colored just before the power went off. So needless to say I didnt' get it finished. The power didn't come back on until just about 12:30.
I will try and get it finished today and post it later..
Keep your fingers crossed that nothing happened to the printed but I believe its toast!!!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Happy Thursday!

Good Morning....

Hope this finds you all in good health! Yesterday I started coming down with a cold. Seems like this year, I'm sick with a cold just about every couple of weeks.

I scrapbook for myself, but seem to be stuck in trying to come up with pages a class that is coming up. I get the paper all out then that's as far as I get. Nothing comes to my mind. Hoping that today my creative juices will flow!
A few weeks ago I put this card on here, but I just wasnt' all that happy with it, to me it needed something. Look what I found to dress it up.
Yesterday I forgot to say Happy Anniversary to my sister Karla and brother in law Craig. I thought about it a few days ago then it slipped my mind.
Catch you all later

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Garden Whimsey...

Good Morning,

Did anyone need to build an ark? That rain was wicked last night. The wind was howling and the rain pounding against the side of the house. It was cold too, the furnace ran alot last night.

Yesterday I made a very glittery card. And some how I ended just as glitted as the card!!! This card however does not have any glitter. I love the way it came out. I used Garden

Whimsey stamp set, pixi pink and Kiwi kiss ink, The pixi pink and kiwi kiss ink are sponged on with sponge daubers. You apply the lightest color first. The Happy Birthday is from the the Birthday's Count note kit on page 208.
Well, I find that I'm missing Cody, at lunch time. He just about always came home for lunch. Today I have to do an errand for him. Cody is enjoying doing his job placement work.
Have a good day

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Good Morning...

I've spent most of Monday coming up with card ideas for the Spring Fling on Saturday. Now I need to create and cut them all out for the Make 'n' takes. I don't know why I stress so at making these cards.

This card is cased from the Spring and Summer Idea book page 68. Sock Monkey stamp set. Card stock used is Basic Grey, Black, Kiwi Kiss, Riding Hood Red, So Saffron and Whisper White. Button is from the Fresh Favorites II and the ribbon is the Kiwi Kiss 5/8" Striped Grosgrain.Punches used were 1 3/4",1 1/4",1" and 1/2" circles.

Is there anything you would like to see on my blog?What don't you like... I would love to hear some feed back..

If you would like to recieve my newsletters just drop me an email and I will get them out to you.
Until tomorrow Happy Stamping

Monday, May 4, 2009

A New Month and New Week...

Good Morning Stampers...

Cody left yesterday to go stay with his sister for 3 weeks. He will be returning home on weekends. He is doing a job placement there.

May is National Scrapbooking Month. So my plan is to make as many pages as I possible can. I picked up photos yesterday . If your a scrapbooker what are your plans for the month?

Here is another Faux Postage card, using the Just Buzzin By stamp set. These bees just the cutest little things...
I have a busy day ahead of me so I best get moving. Hope you all had a fantastic weekend and your week will be just as great.
Thanks for stopping by,

Sunday, May 3, 2009

As promised...

Taken in Dartmouth, looking over towards Halifax at the devasting fire. This was taken about 9:30.
I really like how this card came out.

Back Home...

I made it back home safe and sound. I do have a few picture and I will put them on later this morning.
Brayden was still a sick boy when I left. All he wanted to do was cuddle. After I got home we went to the hospital to see the new baby... He has a head full of dark hair. What a sweetie.
I stopped into Creative Memories yesterday as I was leaving Halifax. It's been awhile since I have been in there. Need to go more often. I did get one thing that I was looking for Chipboard word books, the one I picked up is Family.
Stop by again later and I will have some pictures of cards and such posted.
Thanks for taking the time to be here.

Saturday, May 2, 2009


I will be going home a little later this morning.
Brayden has been sick poor little thing. Gramma got to cuddle him though.
I will be returing home to meet my newest family member, Jacob born on May 1st. I will be Jacob's great aunt and his babysitter later on...
Made another card last night.
Thanks for stopping by

Friday, May 1, 2009

New Jumble Alphabet set

Sneak Peek....
Click on image to view...
When you click on the image it brings you to the Stampin' Up! page you need to click Canada at the top right hand corner. It does say Canada but you need to click it again to make sure you are getting the correct prices.

Still Away...

It's Friday and I'm still away.
Yesterday afternoon, we were getting back to Tiffany's apt. and we could see smoke. There is a huge fire in Halifax. And its still going on. Homes have been distroyed, and many many people displaced. I have a pic and will post it when I get back home.
I had a great visit with Annette, and now with Tiffany, Junior and Brayden. He was Gramma's boy last night cuddling with me on the couch. Funniest thing was he wanted me to have a sippy cup just like him.
Have a great day