Friday, May 8, 2009

Not Happy...

While I was gone last week Cody notice one night, about midnight that one of the power poles across the road was on fire but then it went out. Last night Skip noticed it sparking, then about an hour later the power company shows up. I wouldn't want to be that guy who climbed the post. It was wet and windy. He took a powersaw and cut the top off. Our power had been shut off by now. So when all was done and time for the power to go back on they had troubles... The power tried to come on and I could hear click, click, click . I thought oh no its the TV. Well that is working fine. From what I can see it did something to the printer... just when I need it to print things this weekend. GRRRRRR......
Seems like its always something going wrong.
I was making a card got it all colored just before the power went off. So needless to say I didnt' get it finished. The power didn't come back on until just about 12:30.
I will try and get it finished today and post it later..
Keep your fingers crossed that nothing happened to the printed but I believe its toast!!!!

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