Sunday, May 17, 2009

Good Morning,

Yes it was very nice to see the sunshine yesterday. Even though we were inside working on scrapbooking pages we could still feel the warmth of the sun!

Oh my, last night I watched a scary movie, By myself! It made me a little jumpy, but I made it to the end. The movie was "Strangers". Not recommended for children, and maybe some adults!

Today's card is with God's Beauty hostess set. The greeting is from Crazy for a Cupcake. And the paper is from the Walk in the Park in the mini ocassions. I cut the walk in the park paper with the top note. This butterfly is just so pretty. He is embossed in black then colored with markers.

After everyone was gone and I cleaned up I then layed down and napped for about an hour. I was tuckered out. Then later was grocery shopping. I'm all for going green and am sort of getting used to bring my reusable bags to the store. What I don't like is when the cashier or cashiers helpers, try to pile everything into 1 bag. Last night I said that is way too much in that bag we still have to carry it! Yes I was a little cranky. This is what she had packed into 1 of the superstore bags. 3-2l pop bottles,2 l box of juice, bottle of olive oil, salad dressing, and I forget now there was something on top of these. Way too much. Thanks for letting me vent!!

After the grocery shopping I then sat down to work on a swap I joined it is 3x3 cards. So that didn't take too long. I won't post them just yet as I'm not sure if some of the gals check my blog or not.



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