Monday, April 27, 2009

Blue Monday....

Hi Stampers.

Here we are the beginning of a new week. And the last week of April at that!

What are your plans for this fine Monday morning? Here are some interesting facts about Mondays:

Are also referred to as "Blue Monday." The name is thought to have started because the first day of the work week used to be set aside for doing the laundry. Bluing was used to keep white clothes from becoming dingy and gray. From that product, wash day became known as "Blue Monday." Even though Monday isn't always wash day today, the term "Blue Monday" still exists. However, it's meaning is different. It now refers to the day when employees have to return to work after a weekend break. Another interesting fact about Monday, the second day of the week, is it's the most likely day for workers to have heart attacks. The British Medical Journal reported a 20% increase in heart attacks on Mondays as opposed to the other days of the week. The attacks may be caused by stress and high blood pressure caused by returning to work. So if your going to work today, try to stay calm.

Today I will be doing the laundry, and getting things ready as I'm leaving town tomorrow for the rest of the week. One of my hardest things to do today, is to figure out what craft supplies I want to bring. We are going to scrapbook and make cards! I can't bring everything so I will have to try and narrow it down.. This will be my Monday stress lol... Then when I come back Cody will be leaving for 3 weeks. He will be coming home on weekends though.

Here's another card we made on Saturday. I think that Thank you is just so elegant. Hence the name of the stamp Elegant Thank You. This is on page 208 of the catalogue. And right now until the end of the month you can get this for FREE. All you have to do is spend $50.00 from the occasions mini. You can see the mini here to the right side of your page just click on it and it will load for you.
If you do want to shop you can either use your credit card and shop from my Stampin'Up! web site (link on right side of page) or send me an email. I will be checking my mail when I'm gone. This offer ends April 30th. I have to recieve your emails by no later than 7pm Thursday.

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