Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hi again!!

I have been sitting here for about 15 minutes now trying to think of what to write.. Isn't that just sad...

My crafting area was all nice and clean, not really sure what happened. As it's surly not clean NOW. What keeps me going is knowing there are other room and desks that look just like mine and some are worse!!(that's what I like to think anyways). If it was clean do you think I would feel more creative?? Hmmm will have to think on that one.
Here is one of the metal stars I made. Don't look too close you will see my finger prints. not really sure what I can use to get them off. See not bad at all!
Yesterday was a lazy day for me. I think the dreary weather played a big hand in that. But I did manger to bake a blueberry cake. And I did make 1 card will take a picture today so I can post it tomorrow.
I have to get some post ahead as next week I will be away from Tuesday -Saturday. I'm going to visit a very good friend in Bridgewater then to Dartmouth to visit a Special little person... And his Mommy and Daddy too who are also special....

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