Thursday, April 23, 2009

More Rain....

My gosh, did it ever rain hard last night. Soon we will be floating away. Once these showers (if that's what you want to call them) move out we are in for some beautiful weather with a little bit of warmth to go with!!

Yesterday my blood pressure was all over the map. I'm hoping that today it will be a little more calm.

This first card I made with the Rockabilly Speciality Designer Paper. And one of the butterflies from Flight of the Butterfly. Along with Riding Hood Red ribbon. Why is it always so hard to cut into that designer paper? I find I want to hang onto it. I noticed that I picked it up looked at every piece in the set, rubbed my fingers across it (LOL), put it down and really thought hard if I should cut it or not. But as you can see I broke down and made a cut. You know if I use it up I can always buy more. I just have a hard time getting my brain to understand this. I also did a little different take on this Big Buckle card than the one I posted a few days ago.

The flower stamp set is from Inkadinkdo. It was one of my Secret Easter Gifts. Remember those fabulous boxes I recieved, this set was in one of them.

The hummingbird is from the 3rd level hostess rewards Dream a Little.

Have a Great Thursday!!

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  1. Hey!Love your cards! I uderstand the "paper thing".... for a long time I was the same way ... it's only been the past year that I can't wait to get into it all! so - you're not alone ... bet there are a lot more out there just the same!!!! Hope the BP is leveling out! Have a great weekend!