Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Elements of Style

Good Morning Stampers,
Today is a baking day for me yumm.. Plans are for Apple pies, brownies, and blueberry muffins. 
Last night was hostess club, Kendra was the hostess what a great night we had. Mind you it was very quiet for most of the evening.. I know who would of thought a bunch of women could be so quiet :) Everyone was so involved in the card making process they forgot to talk!!
Here is a sample of the card we made.. And even though we had the same stamp, everyone has a different hand so some had heavy lines some not so. And then the flowers were all different colors. Everyones turned out terrific, even admist a few growels here and there.

Other things I have also been working on this past week.

These Easter Pencil boxes hold 4 pencils. And come with either an eraser of sharpener. They sell for $2.00 each.
Have a great day..

Sherry Muise
Phone: 902-742-7725

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