Friday, April 8, 2011

Thank You

Good Friday Morning,
Yesterday Ruthie stopped in for a moment to return some things I lent her. And to my surprise she also gave me this beautiful card. Thanks I love it.

While I was watching TV last night, I thought I should be doing something during commercials. So off I trot to the stamp studio and find images I have already stamped. And grab the markers and pencils and away I go. This is what I got done, note toself keep a basket of images handy for night time coloring.

Then the other thing I have been working on while watching TV is fabric flowers. here is one I have on a headband.

My next share is my plant that came into bloom this week. I dont' know what it is called but I love it. It smells nice and looks fake LOL . That might me hard to see in the photo but I find it looks plastic.

Thanks for stopping in today . I have to run to the $ store this morning and pick up a few things. I wondering if the have blank looseleaf? Hmm guess I will find out..

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  1. Sherry .. I used to have a plant like that .... I think it is called a hoya???? I love how each blossom is made of many little fowers! Another amazing creation from our Creator!!! I too keep stamped images ready to "color" while in front of the TV...