Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Good Morning Stampers,
First I would like to say Congrats to Aleece on the birth of Alivia 7lb 8oz, born last evening. Brayden is excited to be going to see a baby this morning.

Last night in our Monday Scrappers group there were boxes galore being made, and 3x3 note cards to go with the box.
Also lots of cards for out monthly sketch challenge.I have lots of pictures to show you this morning. For the Sketch cards: I'm missing Amelia she brought them out after I had taken the pic and I couldnt' get back to get their pic.

Helene brought in a few projects she was working on:
The bags and purse are her's!Here is a sample of 2 of the boxes made last night,

And my 3x3:

Another Birthday card arrived yesterday from Bev. Oh my look at all the detail that went into this card! Thanks so much I love it.

Alice and I are off to the movies sometime today!  Hope you have a creative day and Thanks for stopping in..

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