Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Christmas in July event...

Christmas in July Event went great I will be doing it again next year that is for sure.. And I have pic to show didn't take any of the guest though...
During the evening I had 2 young stampers 10 and 7 they did great jobs on the cards they made, I think their Mom has future crafters on her hands...
The first pictures I have are of the set up:
Grr I cannot get the pic to line up in the order I want! So I will just have to add captions under them...
reinker bulbs

Table 1 -- Notice the 152 days that's how many days until Christmas

Merry Christmas 2010! The banner is made with the new Party Banner kit $15.95
All the banners in my pic are made from this 1 kit with lots of letters and numbers yet to be used! 

Snowman treat bag

Napkin dress!! so cute

Let it snow!!!
Glitter trees..

Party Banner kit # 118718
I just LOVE this card
Try me....

Banner on house!

Display area...

Party Hats # 1187196 $ 6.50 for 8 hats or tip upside down and you have candy holders...
I now see I'm missing a few picture. Thank you to all who came and made the event a sucess!
Off to start put things away....
Have a great day....

Sherry Muise
Phone: 902-742-7725


  1. Looks like you had some wonderful projects, I am sure you guests enjoyed themselves!

  2. It was like being a kid in a candy store!! Lol There were some really nice things. Although I couldn't stay I did pick up a few great buys. Thanks


  3. Luv the "try me" station. Great idea. Following u from SC.

  4. awesome job, Sherry!!!! great projects!