Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Good Morning Stampers,
Oh my goodness we go tons of heavy rain last night.  By times it was raining so hard it made the dish go out. I made it to my neices house no problem. She moved this past weekend. I'm loving the house. :) Still lots of unpacking to do but that will get done. I will do what I can..
Tomorrow I have to go out and buy something that Gio and I can craft together with. One of his first questions was did you bring stuff to craft. So I will run to the $store and pick up something for us to do.Gio is also very excited that Uncle Skip and Brayden will be coming here on Saturday Night. Hopefully the kids will all get along. I'm sure that they will...
Gio and Jake are very good kids.
My card is from a guest stamper Amelia. I don't think she even knows I took this photo.. Surprise....

She did the reverse soot technique. I love how it turned out.
Have a great day...

Sherry Muise
Phone: 902-742-7725


  1. We didn't get any rain here. By the way...what's a diah? The rain made it go out??? Lol


  2. HAHA really need to check my spelling..
    I have changed it now. diah = dish!!!
    By the way it's raining and thundering here all afternoon..

  3. Amelia always has very nice cards...she is a talented one!

  4. Following you from SC,