Friday, July 15, 2011


Good Morning Stampers,
I'm on my way to Dartmouth this morning to see my grandbabies, can't wait to get hugs and kisses. Either Sunday or Monday, Brayden and I will be returning to Yarmouth. He wants to bring his sister, but I told him that she can stay home this time and we can do lots of things. Our first stop is going to be the Oakland Farm Zoo.  Brayden loves it there.
My card share today is an apron but I think it is missing something need to work on it. I like the shape, color just needs something. Any suggestions?

I worked on Christmas is July even yesterday ohh the stuff is cute... Hope you can come  over and check it out.
Last night Skip and I went to Mom and Dad's for a family gathering. We have family here from BC, New Hampshire, and then the locals...
Have a great weekend..

 Sherry Muise
Phone: 902-742-7725

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