Monday, December 27, 2010


Good Day Stampers,
Trying our my MDS again. This is one of the highlights of 2010 for our family. The addition of Brooklynn Roze. Warms Grammas heart when I look at this photo.

We had a terrifc time away. Brayden was so excited and just couldnt' seem to contain his excitement. Brooklynn was smiling and looking around. When her gums were not bothering her. Hopefully her teeth will pop though SOON!
Skip is busy in the basement painting the ceiling and trim. Can't wait to start moving my stuff down there...
My preorder arrived the other day, so far the only thing I have done is made sure I received everything, and put it back in the box. I will need to dig it out soon and start working on new samples.
Monday Night Scrappers will be starting up on January 10th. And the Big Shot club will also be starting no date has been finalized yet for this. There is still room in the Big Shot club, if you would like to join.
Well I'm off to do some blog surfing
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