Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Good Morning Stampers,
Are you all ready for the BIG DAY? I'm not even close. Seems like it running up to me faster and faster each year. I think the day used to creap and then walk fast, now running :(  Yesterday I got just about everything wrapped that I have and now I need to go out and pick up a few more gifts.
Today my parcels will get mailed. I know a little slow at doing that!
Carpenter is all finished. What's left is for Skip and I to do. He has to get the counter in, make a casing for the supported beam that is there. And paint. What's Sherrys job you say... I will clean up and supervise lol.. I will help with the painting,,

My share today is a funny.... How did they know to talk about us !!!

Have a great day...

Sherry Muise
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