Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Good Morning Stampers

Hi all,
I'm just going to have to say that again today no card to post...:(
I will be with out an internet hook up while I'm away. They can only get someone in the first of next week. :( no TV, internet what am I going to do.. So I will resume my posting as soon as I return home. And I will flood you with new cards lol...
I could probably get a few cards done in the evenings but Brayden is Gramma's boy and only wants me... And most nights it has been close to 10 or later that he falls asleep.. And by that point I need my sleep... Don't get me wrong I LOVE having him here and I can sleep once he is gone. And once he is gone I'm I know that we will really miss him.. I wish the weather had been nicer, I wanted to do a lot more outdoor things with him... Oh well maybe his Mommy and Daddy will let him come back again for a week...
Thanks for stopping in

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