Thursday, July 9, 2009


Good  morning,

I arrived in Bedford safe and sound. Right now everyone has gone to bed... They both work tomorrow. Tonight we went over to Tiffany and Jr. apt. We were playing with Brayden. He is just a cutie.. We had an unfortunate accident while we were there. 3 of us were on the 3 week old sofa bed and Brayden was jumping on me and then SNAP /CRACK. 2 screws snapped in half.. I sure hope when they call  Gallery 1 they replace it!! Will keep you posted... I feel really bad :( I know it could of happened to anyone sitting there. But you know how it is when you get something new and that cost a lot of money.

This little purse is what I'm giving my friend tomorrow when we meet up. Inside holds 6 cards and envelopes. The DSP is retired SU paper. We have not seen each other in 17 years and I'm getting excited to see her.

Today I will be going to Michaels and Costco. That might be it no real set plan...


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