Friday, March 6, 2009

Good Saturday Morning!

Hi Stampers....
I see that I'm still having some trouble with the time stamp. Not sure why this is posting under Friday's date.
The weekend is here, hope you are enjoying yours! Today our weather is supposed to see the sun and temperature should rise to +7 c. Oh my can’t wait to see that sunshine…
Later on today I will be holding a stamp class using mainly all SAB products. We will be using the olive glitter from the fine supernova #114287. Last night was the first time I used this color. I put some in my container got the spoon ready with glitter. SOME how I hit the spoon and the glitter went up in the air . Like the song says what goes up must come down , Yup all over me and the desk… I sparkled for the rest of the night :)
From now on Saturday’s post will also include information about Stampin’ Up! Products.
If I could come up with a catchy title I would of but right now I must be having a brain freeze.
So we will start off with-
2-Way Glue Pen #100425
Features & Benefits
■ Permanent or temporary bond
■ Dries quickly
■ Great for adhering glitter
■ Blue when wet; clear when dry
■ 10 grams
■ Chisel tip
■ Washes off skin with soap and water
Quick Trick
Need a temporary bond for a stencil or mask? Or what about a permanent bond for
a card or page? Look no further than the 2-Way Glue Pen. Wow your customers with a
demonstration of the two methods for using the 2-Way Glue Pen:
1. Wet bond (permanent bond). While the glue is still blue and wet, immediately make the
bond. Use a wet bond when you apply glitter.
2. Dry bond (temporary). Apply glue lightly and wait for the adhesive to dry (it will become
clear). Use this method when masking or positioning stencils. When you are finished, you
can remove the bond easily
To start the 2-Way Glue Pen, push the tip in a few times and allow the glue to saturate the
tip (the tip will turn blue). Always replace the cap after use.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by enjoy.

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