Monday, September 28, 2009

Good Morning Stampers,

I was late getting to bed last night I was cutting out clothing and accessories for the Build a Bears and just got carried away and forgot the time!.

I did make something cute yesterday but didn't get a picture of it so you will have to wait until tomorrow.. so tune in then to see....

Last night around 7ish, I happened to walk from the kitchen to the living room and something caught my eye out the window. I looked out and this is what was there... Skip had put apples out there earlier in the afternoon. We know that deer travel through the back yard but I just thought they travelled early morning... I will have to look out more often. The pic it a little blurry it is taken through the window. We didnt' want to scared them away. Mama deer never went very far from baby.. And the strangest thing Buddy didn't even bark. He just got up in the window to look with Skip and I now that's what I should of took a pic of...
Thanks for peeking in.. Off to start working on next weeks club cards.

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