Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Good Morning...

To look at my hands you would think I have been stamping up a storm. But now working on glass ornaments. And I have ink all over me... I'm so happy with my self! I have club cards all figured out just need to cut them, Teck cards printed. I'm on a roll...
I love the card I have to show you today.. I think I will be making lots of this..
The Build a Bear meets Santa... This is too cute... I dressed my bear and added a few touches. So bling to his buttons and tip of hat. Added some fluff stuff to his beard, hat and cuffs. Now looking at him I should of added some eyebrows Ohh I will have to try it.. It might be too much though. Then I took the ornament punch and made his toy bag..
Lots to try and do today, grocery store, deliver the last of the coasters, laundry, gas up my car (well if you know me that will be Skip's job tonight) I'm going away for a few days. So I need to get my projects on here today also..
Thanks for stopping by..

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