Saturday, October 24, 2009

Happy Saturday Stampers...

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Ohhh I don't know if this has ever happened to you or not. I was yawning ( yes this has happened to you I know lol), as I'm yawning the muscles in my chin ( or whatever they are) knot up and a big lump appeared and I couldn't hardly move my mouth. And boy did it ever HURT... Hours later I could still feel where it had knotted up...

Do any of you have a HP psc 950 printer?? That's what I have its old but works great. Until a few weeks ago. It will not copy. Says warming up and that's as far as it goes. Then if it should copy you can't see the image on the paper. Now I can printed from word and things like that so I know its not the ink. Any help would be great!

Here's my card pick for today. Cold and Cuddly # 116523 set of 11 for $36.95
Look the polar bear wants to share his warm drink lol... I'm thinking that the hat looks like a bell just have to figure out where I can use a bell...
This stamp set is from the Holiday Mini which goes until January 4,2010. There are lots of really nice Christmas stamps, ribbons, and accessories. Make sure to check it out something just might be calling you name... with the words after your name being -buy me, buy me lol... Thats what happened to me a a few sets in this mini. I opened the page and heard -OH Sherry buy me , no buy me... And whats a gal to do so I bought a few lol..
Well have a great day..

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