Monday, March 22, 2010

Foggy Monday

Good Morning,

It's a foggy Monday morning here. Well I don't know what happened but Brayden's sleep pattern has gone down the drain! We were up 3 different times last night. I say Grandpa is a jinx lol...

I joined a swap that was a Describe it swap. I was the leader for my group, and I had to design a card then send directions only to 3 others. They had no pic to go by. Here are out cards..
This is my card. As you can see this was not a SU swap~
2nd card is Barb's
3rd is Yvonne's
Last card is Cat's
This was a lot of Fun... I joined another one also. I'm not a leader for this one wonder how good I am at directions lol...
Have a good day all..


  1. Sherry, you're obviously getting better at written directions!! lol
    They did pretty good.