Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Computer Crash!1

I didn't go and buy a tower last week when I knew mine was dying. Well woke up this morning to a dead computer. It crashed during the night. So I was out of the house bright and early gone checking prices. Ended up back at Staples, but the computer I priced last week was gone. I got one as you can see and they made the back up disk for me and got it started.
Yeah as I dont' think I would of been able too.
Anyways I have a major headache, I know it's from trying to get this computer set to the way I want and get my programs up and running. It also has windows 7 which I have to get used to. It will come I'm sure..
I also lost the picture program I had. And have not loaded a new one on yet. Once I get that done I will be up and running again...

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