Thursday, May 6, 2010

Getting there

Morning Stampers,
I'm getting there, setting up the computer is not that easy. Windows 7 is taking some getting use to. We hade XP before. Still do not have a photo program set up yet that will come later today. (I hope).
1 week from today granddaughter will be here. I have lots to do before I go to Dartmouth. Hostess Club is Monday night so need to finish getting everything ready for that. I had my newsletter started now its gone :( I will just start over,once I get the program installed.
I'm hoping that when Cody comes home for a visit he will be able to retreive my files. 
Today I will be still working on setting up the computer. What are your plans for the day, working on speacial projects?

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  1. Doing Laundry and having a nap! Is what me and BRayden will be doing today!. lol