Friday, April 23, 2010


Good Morning,
How many of you are saying TGIF? The weather man is calling for sunshine...
I stayed up late last night watching the Pittsburg/Ottawa hockey game. I feel asleep during the 2nd Overtime period. This morning I see Ottawa won. Not really sure who I want to win lol... I like both teams!
And survivor oh my what a move that was, poor JT.. What was he thinking???
Tiffany and Junior are trying to come up with a name for baby.. It's hard picking a name..What are some names that you like.. Never know could just be one they have not thought about and might really like. Looking forward to seeing your names...
Today I have a 3-D item for you.
Forget-Me-Not Keeper # 105525 $16.95.
1/2 pkg of Designer Paper. Here I used paper from the Clearance Rack.
Use for card organization and storage. Includes 12 dividers.

Inside of the keeper...

I really enjoyed making this can't wait to make more...
Thanks for stopping in today..

Sherry Muise
Phone: 902-742-7725


  1. Here are a few names for Tiffany: Aimee, Angelica, Paula, Raven, Shaelynn, Shyla, Sophie, Carmen and Olivia.

  2. Ohh I like some of these...
    Keep them coming!