Monday, August 31, 2009


Good Monday Morning ...

I was just looking at a calendar that I have by the computer and hmm August only has 30 days...think someone made a huge mistake there! I checked to see when Sept. starts and its Tuesday so that's good the rest of the calendar is correct..

Look at these photo's I took of 2 humming birds that have been around here for the past week.. All summer they hardly came to my feeder! Look at his little wings go.
Here, he is perched about to take a drink.

Today I have 2 cards that I cased . Mummy and Frankie. There are just too Cute.... and very easy to make...

Ohh I'm excited today I'm going over to see Giovanni and his baby brother Jacob and look after them for a little bit :)

Have a great Monday and enjoy your last day of August...


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