Friday, June 5, 2009

Good Day,

Wow here we are Friday again where did the week go? Last night a bunch of girls got together and did a shoe box swap, it was way fun we will be doing it again someday...

Here are the card we made...
The bikini card is mine, Danna came up with the cute little birthday card.
Alice and Nanette are the creators of these 2.
Helene and Alvina planned out these amazing cards.
I think all the girls did a fantastic job...
I love them ALL....
Ok this just in from Stampin'Up. Demo can talk about and show on the internet the preview items . So the blogs you have seen with new stuff is ok. No rule breakers!!! What you cannot do is show anything from the catalogue that was not in the Demo preview.. Glad they cleared this up, as there seemed to be alot of confusion and misunderstandings.
Have a good weekend..

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