Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hump Day!

When I first heard the term Hump Day I thought Skip was making it up. Then I started hearing it all over the place. Not sure why I never picked up on it before.

Today's card involved no stamping... its a grad card for Cody. I know that he will not be checking my blog lol..

Tonight is his convocation, and the softy sap that I am I will be crying... And the rest of the week will only be the same. Saturday is Tasha's prom, seeing Cody and Tasha all dressed up will bring tears to my eyes. Then you know Sunday he is leaving.. But he has to come back the next weekend to get his stuff. Think I can hold his belongings hostage?? Then once his stuff is in the apt. it will be real!
Oh my goodness thought I lost my post there for a second... phew its still here...

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