Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tuesday Morning

Good Day,

Our meeting last night was cancelled. But I still have a card to show.

I opened up my meIlon mambo ink pad yesterday and it has a fruity Kool-Aid smell..

I spilled coffee on the keyboard last night what a mess. It was working fine I went to watch TV and when I came back to use the computer no such luck. Then I remember Cody had a keyboard so I went and got that one, figured it out hooked it up then the mouse wouldn't work so there I go again moving everything. Get the mouse working put the monitor back in its postion and the internet has come unhooked. GRRR... So back again I go . Finally its done and as you can see this morning I have it working. I was use to that keyboard. This one feel strange to me...
Today's card is using the Eight Great Greetings. For your shower. This could be used for wedding, baby etc... Used the Riding Hood Red paper and ink I'm sad to see this color leave it's such a nice red...
I have a bunch of errands to run...
Hope you all have a nice day..

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